Get to know me

Introducing the Artist Behind the Lens

Hi there! I’m Andrea, ready to take you on an enchanting visual journey filled with heartfelt moments. My love for photography began in 2012 when I became a scuba diver, instantly captivated by the ocean’s depths.

Armed with a GoPro and fueled by boundless passion, I immersed myself in the breathtaking underwater beauty. Within a year, I achieved Instructor status, capturing the allure of the deep through my lens and sharing it with fellow enthusiasts.

Driven by insatiable curiosity, I ventured into various genres, expanding my creative horizons. Today, my primary photography passions lie in Product, Family, and Real Estate photography, alongside my underwater expertise.

My Goal

I aim to capture the soul and uniqueness of every subject before me with every shutter click. My ultimate goal is to produce photos that resonate and evoke emotions, whether it’s skillfully capturing the intricate features of a product, immortalizing beloved family memories, or vividly describing the essence of a room. Each frame I create presents an individual viewpoint, skillfully blending technical precision with an artistic eye.

Through my lens, I weave a tapestry of imagery, capturing the magic even in the most straightforward moments. It would be my pleasure to embark on a creative adventure with you, preserving your priceless memories, showcasing your goods in the most captivating way, or bringing spaces to life through striking pictures. Let’s collaborate to create impactful visuals that speak volumes and leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Take a moment to explore my portfolio and consider the possibilities. I’m excited to collaborate with you and produce work that goes beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to a world of captivating imagery.

Our Mission

At Canary Capture, our mission is twofold: to capture and preserve precious moments that will be treasured for generations, and to ignite the visual storytelling that enhances the success of our clients. We believe in the power of photography to create lasting memories that evoke emotions and celebrate life’s milestones. Simultaneously, we are committed to providing exceptional commercial photography services that elevate our clients’ brands and drive increased sales. Through our passion for both artistry and business, we strive to deliver exceptional results that leave a profound impression

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